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Campus Campaign

Jun. 2nd | 10:30 AM

April 29, 2024

Dear Church Family,

It is spring, and the warmer weather is upon us! A time we spend doing spring projects like cleaning, planting gardens, and preparing for outdoor gatherings. As we consider this for the church, that generally includes a workday that prepares the church for summer events like VBS, Sports Camp, and First Sunday.

Whether it is Sunday morning worship service, packing backpacks, youth group, or Sermon and Sweets, we all make use of the church campus. God has blessed us with a beautiful facility and given us the ability to minister to our community and the world through the gifts He has given to many who have freely given back to the church.

The church campus (building and grounds) are fifty years old and in need of major restoration as follows:

  • Parking Lot Lighting

System (lighting, poles, wiring) has reached the end of its expected life. To be replaced with an LED energy efficient lighting system that meets industry standard lighting (safety) levels.

  • Parking Lot

Asphalt deterioration has reached the point of safety concerns. The required work includes extensive milling, large areas of excavation, and overlay of complete lot, and restriping.

  • Restrooms

The downstairs (gym) bathrooms are in need of restoration. The work includes new ceilings, lighting, flooring, paint, porcelain fixtures, partitions, etc…

The above restoration projects have been discussed with the financial deacons, elders, and staff. We are asking the church family to commit to giving financially to the funding necessary to complete these projects. As a member/regular attender of this church family, would you please prayerfully consider how much you are able to give toward this Campus Campaign?

Enclosed is a pledge card for the Campus Campaign. Please place it where it will remind you to pray every day for God to richly bless His people and church. We ask that you do not take from your regular giving in order to give to this campaign, but that you give what you are able to in addition to that amount. We have established June 2, 2024, as Pledge Sunday (more details to come). Pledges will be due by July 7, 2024, and a business meeting will be held on July 14 for members to vote on this Campus Campaign.

Please remember how God has richly blessed you as you consider your participation in this campaign.

Rodney W. McCormick                                                  Dan McConahy, Chm.

Church Administrator                                                    Financial Deacons